Cheviot sheep society

Sale Reports

Castle ewe purchased by J Hume & Son, Sundhope for £1,500

22/02/2022 - Show & Sale of in-lamb ewes & gimmers

Top price of 1,500gns was achieved by Castle Crawford with a four-crop ewe which sold to Callum Hume, Sundhope, Yarrow. This ewe by Castle Animosity was scanned carrying twins by the £6,500 Crossdykes Quality Street.

John Paton with shepherd, James Cochrane had a successful afternoon also selling a two-crop ewe by Potholm Harrier in-lamb to the £8,000 Alemoor Uist for 1,000gns to David Smith, farm manager for George Gunn, Middleton of Glasclune, Blairgowrie.

Castle Crawford also sold two gimmers in-lamb to Castle Fleetwood Mac for 1,000gns and 950gns to J MacKay, Strathy, Sutherland and J Campbell, Kypehill, Strathaven.

Champion at the show was this one crop ewe by Castle Demon from W N Douglas, Catslackburn, carrying twins by the £10,000 Becks Showman which was bought by the judge, David Smith. They also sold a gimmer by Kale Abe in-lamb to Castle Gladiator, which was again bought by David Smith, this time for his wife, Hannah.

The Reserve Champion was a gimmer from Lorraine Luescher, Glendinning which sold for 1,000gns to David Smith. This Hindhope Landmark daughter was carrying twins to £6,500 Castle Gatecrasher.
Another ewe to sell for four figures was the 1,300gns Crossdykes one crop ewe from James Common & Son, Crossdykes, Lockerbie. This Stirkfield Zoomer daughter in-lamb to Becks Revolution and carrying triplets, was purchased by Jim Robertson, Becks, Langholm.

The top priced gimmer was from Elaine Randall, Drycleuchlea, Roberton, Hawick and sold for 1,250gns. This Mountbenger Zambia daughter is in-lamb to a home-bred Mountbenger lamb by Mountbenger Ace of Diamonds. Purchasing this one was Tommy Aitchison, North Shortcleugh, Elvanfoot and Kelly Blackwood, Auldtoun Cottage, Abington.

A Townfoot Showman gimmer from I H G Warden, Skelfhill, Teviothead and in-lamb to the £5,500 Catslack Invincible was bought by J MacKay, Sutherland for 1,050gns.

Sale Averages
4 ewe hoggs averaged £228.38
10 gimmers averaged £750.75
11 ewes averaged £800.86
Show Results


1st & Champion – W N Douglas, Catslackburn, Yarrow
2nd – R H Paton, Castle Crawford, Biggar
3rd – J T Fleming & Son, Hislop, Teviothead, Hawick


1st & Reserve Champion – L G Luescher, Megdale, Westerkirk, Langholm
2nd – W N Douglas, Catslackburn, Yarrow
3rd – E Randall, Drycleuchlea, Roberton, Hawick

Ewe Hoggs

1st – I H G Warden, Skelfhill, Teviothead, Hawick
2nd – W N Douglas, Catslackburn, Yarrow
3rd – K & K Duncan, Westerton Cottage, Skelfhill, Hawick

Stirkfield's pen of ewes sold for £360

29/09/21 sale of Ewes, Gimmers & ewe lambs at Longtown

30/09/20 Sale of Ewes, Gimmers & Ewe Lambs at Longtown

Draft ewes sold to a top of £210 for an outstanding pen of 20 four crop ewes consigned by R H Paton, Castle Crawford, Abington. After some spirited bidding they were knocked down to breeder, Gordon Jackson, Blackburn. Ewes averaged £93.19 which was a rise of £27 on the year.

Leading prices –Castle Crawford £210, £150, £110 Crossdykes£152, £125, £108, £105 Catslackburn£140, £138, £105 Stirkfield£140, £100 Nether Phawhope£125 Dalgare£110Chanlockfoot£100

A small but select entry of gimmers sold to a top of £240 for a great pen from Stirkfield Farms, Broughton selling to Lorraine Luescher, Megdale, Langholm. Gimmers averaged £142.04, which is £13 up on the year.

Leading prices – Stirkfield£240, £210, £145, £135 Easterhouse Farms£155 Longburgh Fauld£150 Megdale£150 Burrows£145 Chanlockfoot£140 North Shortcleugh£140, £135 Carlenrig £135 Middlefoot£130

Trade for ewe lambs was a little disappointing with the average up only £6 to £70.33 in comparison to last year.

Leading prices – North Shortcleugh £120, £90 Skelfhill £82, £78 Castle Crawford £80 Mountbenger £78, £76 Hindhope £78 Burrows £78 Dalgare £76 Catslackburn £75 Granton £75 Langhope £70

14/03/2019 Prime Hogg Show & Sale at Longtown

The Cheviot Sheep Society would like to thank the mains sponsors, PJ Tractors Parts, Longtown, as well as Starlyne Feeds & Macmin who again supported the Society with their events.

A tremendous show of 21 pens was again judged by Billy MacTaggart. After careful consideration, he awarded the Championship to the Firm of N B Conaghan, West Scales, Gretna with a pen scaling 45kg and realising £90 to West Scottish Lamb, Carlisle and the Reserve from Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm, Langholm weighing 39kg and making £84.

12/02/2019 In-lamb Female show & sale at longtown

C&D Auction Marts Ltd held its Evening Sale of "Border Breeds" of choice in lamb females and ewe hoggs by registered sires, which included an entry of 17 South Country Cheviots on Tuesday 19th February 2019.

The pre-sale show was judged by Lorraine Luescher.

1st - R H Paton, Castle
2nd - I H G Warden, Skelfhill
3rd - I H G Warden, Skelfhill

1st - I H G Warden, Skelfhill
2nd - R H Paton, Castle
3rd - I H G Warden, Skelfhill

1st - R H Paton, Castle
2nd - I H G Warden, Skelfhill
3rd - I H G Warden, Skelfhill

The Championship was won by the first prize ewe from Castle which sold for £500, sired by Stirkfield Sinatra and scanned carrying twins to a home-bred son of Castle Bulldozer. She was sold to the Judge, Lorraine Luescher, Glendinning.

The Reserve Champion was the second prize ewe from Skelfhill, a Potholm Forceful daughter carrying twins by a home-bred son of Cnewr Ambassador. She also sold to the judge for £750, the top price of the evening.

The first, second and third prize gimmers from Skelfhill, Castle and Skelfhill respectively, all made £400 with a gimmer from North Shortcleugh making £320. Hoggs were topped at £260 for a Potholm Force daughter from Skelfhill.

1/11/2018 Cheviot Ram Sale at Lanark

Twenty-Two South Country Cheviots were forward and there was a complete clearance. Top of the tree was the Society President, John Paton from Castle Crawford who set a new centre record of £1,000 which sold to Lorraine Luescher, Megdale, Langholm. Castle also had the next two best prices of £620 and £340, both selling to Ancaster Estates, Perthshire. Castle shepherd, James Cochrane, not to be outdone sold his ram for £300.

J Hepburn & Co, Crosscleugh also sold two rams at £340. The first also going to Ancaster Estates with the other going to High Craigton Farming Co, Milngavie. Crosscleugh also had a ram at £320 selling to Stirkfield Farms.

Altogether the 22 rams sold to average £268.18.