The Cheviot Hills, from which this breed of sheep gets its name, form the border line between England and Scotland. The Cheviot Sheep Society was formed in 1890 and is one of the oldest sheep societies in existence.

Flock Competition

The results of our 'Flock of the Year' Competition 2016 were:-

1st & winners of Clenries Cup - W N Douglas, Catslackburn with 62 points
2nd - James Common & Son, Crossdykes with 44 points
3rd equal - R H Paton, Castle Crawford with 27 points
- W J Douglas, Upper Hindhope with 27 points
5th - B & M Cockburn, Stirkfield with 26 points
6th - John Halliday & Sons, Springwells with 25 points
7th - T Elliot, Hindhope with 23 points

Congratulations to all exhibitors who gained points this year and all other exhibitors who showed at other events to help promote the Cheviot Sheep Society.

2015 Flock Competition

2014 Flock Competition

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