The Cheviot Hills, from which this breed of sheep gets its name, form the border line between England and Scotland. The Cheviot Sheep Society was formed in 1890 and is one of the oldest sheep societies in existence.

Hill Cheviot Prime Hoggs

Monday 8th March 2010

On Monday 8th March 2010, John Swan Limited held the annual show & sale of Prime Cheviot hoggs on behalf of the Cheviot Sheep Society.

Champion pen of 20 was awarded to M/s JG Scott, Kirklands, Ancrum weighing 41kgs realising £89.50 to the judge Mr Paul Barker of Woodhead Brothers, Colne, reserve went to Mr I Warden, Skelfhill, Hawick weighing 46kgs and making £90.50, also going to the judge.

Class 1: 20 Cheviot Hoggs up to 36kg
1st Mr A Reid, Glendearg 34kgs £64 Woodhead Bros.
2nd Mr A Stewart, Tushielaw 36kg £68 Scotbeef
3rd Mr A Stewart Tushielaw 30kg £53 M/s J Clark

Class 2: 20 Cheviot Hoggs up to 36.5kg to 40kg
1st JA Scott, Kirklands. Ancrum 41kg £89.50 Woodhead Bros.
2nd Mr A Reid, Glendearg 38Kg £79 M/s Vevers, Annan
3rd Mr N Sandilands, Wester Ulston 38kg £77 Woodhead Bros.

Class 3: 20 Cheviot Hoggs 41.5kg & over
1st Mr I Warden, Skelfhill 46kg £90.50 Woodhead Bros.
2nd M/s Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm 46kg £89.50 Woodhead Bros.
3rd Mr I Warden, Skelfhill 42kg £86.20 Scotbeef.

Auctioneers: swans

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