The Cheviot Hills, from which this breed of sheep gets its name, form the border line between England and Scotland. The Cheviot Sheep Society was formed in 1890 and is one of the oldest sheep societies in existence.

Hill Cheviot Ram Sale 2010

Monday 4th October 2010

With an excellent show of rams and a large ringside of buyers the trade on the day was buoyant with 335 rams being sold to average £850.33, this being a rise of £138 on the year. Once again a large group of Welsh buyers were present as well as a number from various other parts of the UK.

The top price was £12,000 twice, the first being from Jim Robertson, Becks selling in a three way split to Catslackburn, Crossdykes and Mount Benger. Later in the day a ram from Messrs Douglas, Upper Hindhope found its new home at Stirkfield Farms for the same money.

The Champion of the day from Catslackburn made £9,000 and travels to Wales with Cnewr Estates, Sennybridge.

The top flock average was £2257.14 for 14 rams from Stirkfield Farms who had a top price of £8,000 purchased by Walter Douglas, Carlenrig and Normans Douglas, Catslackburn.

2 shear rams 138 sold £815.50 plus £116.34
1 shear rams 197 sold £882.31 plus £159.34

Show Results:
Judge - Mr Walter Douglas Carlenrig

236 Catslackburn
Reserve Champion
314 Upper Hindhope

2 Shear
1st Upper Hindhope
2nd Bloch
3rd Bloch
4th Dudlees

1 Shear
1st Catslackburn
2nd Crossdykes
3rd Stirkfield
4th Mount Benger

Group of Three
1st Bloch 260-261-262
2nd Catslackburn 236-242-244
3rd Stirkfield 49-53-56
4th Mount Benger 301-302-305

Becks - £12,000
purchased by Messrs Douglas Catslackburn, Common Crossdykes & Irving Mount Benger, Sire: Glendearg JR
Upper Hindhope
Upper Hindhope £12,000
purchased by Messrs Cockburn, Stirkfield, Sire: Hindhope Raikonnen
Catslackburn £9,000
purchased by Cnewr Estate, Sire: Hislop Normandy
Stirkfield £8,000
purchased by Messrs Douglas Carlenrigg, Douglas, Catslackburn, Sire: Skelfhill Hercules
Glengeith £6,500
purchased by Messrs Warden, Skelfhill, Sire: Glengeith Vital Spark
Bloch £6,000
purchased by Messrs Warden, Skelfhill, Sire: Castle Presence

Leading Prices:
£12000, £5500 Upper Hindhope, £12000, £4500, £3000 The Becks, £9000, £5000, £1800 Catslackburn, £8000, £5500, £4500, £2800, £2000 Stirkfield Farms, £6500 Glengeith Farm, £6000, £4000, £1800 The Bloch, £5200 Aithrie Estate, £5000, £3000 Skelfhill Farm, £4000 Gilmanscleugh, £3800, £2500 Castle Crawford, £3500, £2800 Mount Benger, £3500 Tushielaw, £2800 Hislop Shepherd, £2000(x2) Crossdykes Farm, £1800 Hislop.

Leading Flock Averages:
Stirkfield (14 rams) top price £8000, averaged £2257.14: Catslackburn (14) £9000, £1771.43, Upperhindhope (13) £12000, £1621.54, Becks (24) £12000 £1397.92, Skelfhill (12) £9000, £1219.17, Bloch (15) £6000, £1190, Glengeith (8) £6500, £1168.75, Mount Benger (10) £3500, £1170, Aithrie Estates (6) £5200, £998.33, Hislop Shepherd (2) £2800, £1700.

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